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about breathingmoment | michigan-made jewelry

About breathingmoment

About breathingmoment

About breathingmoment

Life sure does get crazy sometimes.

It’s important to remember and appreciate¬†life’s little moments…

Every once in a while we need a moment to just breathe.

Vintage-style jewelry with meaning:

I learned very young that it’s the little things that matter. My breathingmoment line is a michigan-made collection of jewelry made up of an array of simplistic pieces that make me smile. My line encompasses an array of items, some of which include: rustic pieces, vintage memories, semiprecious stones, ¬†steam punk dangles, industrial and natural elements and vials, czech glass bell flower beads.

Society is ever changing, and it’s important to find time to concentrate on the things we often neglect. A dandelion isn’t a weed, it’s food for the slowly decreasing population of bees. A spider is not a pest; it aids in population management of our mosquitoes. The lows are not that low; they are a simple reminder that life requires balance. The tears make the laughter that much sweeter. And, we are all better when working together.