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Happy Birthday to my sister, Christina!

Happy Birthday to my sister, Christina!

When I was too young to completely formulate logical words, I gave my sister a nickname and she gave me one. Christina became Tia and Jennifer was Jeffer. In our younger years, my sister and I didn’t always get along. In fact, I probably still have scars from our battles. But as we grew up, we managed to become great friends.

For many high school freshmen, their first year is scary and overwhelming. But for me, I trotted alongside my sister and her friends. They were seniors and veterans of the high school world. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it through that year without Christina keeping me in check and helping me along the way. As with any family, we have had our ups and downs. We’ve shared laughter and tears. And somehow, we’ve both grown up to be mature, responsible adults.

Within the last two years, I have watched Christina buy a house, have a baby and leave her job of seven years for a better opportunity. In that time, I have completed one degree and started the next, gotten a “grown up job,” and started my jewelry business. Today my sister is celebrating her 28th birthday. I cannot believe we are both so grown up and have come so far.

My sister shares my love for Michigan, handmade goods. I decided to buy Christina a few Michigan-made goodies from some artists we both love!

The first is a linen-scented, car air freshener, made by Cared For. Cared For has a spectacular line of car air fresheners, massage oil, candles, lip balm and more. I haven’t tried many of her products yet, but they all smell so delightful and are reasonably priced. Cared For is available at Whimsy and online.

Second, I bought a matching earring and necklace set from Glassology. I absolutely adore her stuff, so I placed a custom order for this beautiful butterfly set. Rachel, owner of Glassology, is always so helpful when I’m looking for a unique gift. Her work is also available at Whimsy, as well as online. She’s doing several art fairs this summer, so be sure to check her Facebook for upcoming shows.

I absolutely love the idea of giving handmade presents. I am really excited to give these items to Christina!

Happy Birthday to the coolest sister in the world! Christina, you rock and I love you.


*Jewelry set picture taken by Rachel Pitt, Glassology owner



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