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The Conversation - A Must See For Women

The Conversation – A Must See For Women

Television is my guilty pleasure. If I could sit on the couch and watch good television all day – I would be a happy girl. I’m pretty picky about my TV selections and insist on DVRing my favorites, because I hate commercials. I’m a busy girl, I don’t have time for nonsense advertisements.

Like many women, I adored watching Oprah. In my early twenties, I watched her show whenever I got a chance. Honestly, Oprah is probably the reason I got DVR service with my cable package. I recently caught a blerp on a morning talk show about a new, racy interview series with Amanda de Cadenet. De Cadenet is a British photographer and a former actress. With help from Demi Moore as the show’s producer, De Cadenet created The Conversation. The show dives in to everything women love to talk about – sex, money, men, fears, life and more.

Americans, for whatever reason, look to celebrities to tell us what is cool and acceptable behavior. When celebrities talk about things and accept them, the rest of us follow suit. So when a television show comes out with celebrities talking about self-esteem issues, parenting troubles and divorce – there is comfort in that. It’s an amazing concept, isn’t it… that celebrities are people, too!

The Conversation is an uplifting, wholesome show where celebrities talk about things that every woman needs to discuss. The show gives celebrities the chance to share their voice and make us everyday ladies feel like things actually will be alright. Within the first two episodes, Amanda de Cadenet has interviewed Laga Gaga, Rita Wilson, Sarah Silverman, Zoe Saldana and more. Below are just a few of the inspiration things said throughout the first episode –

“Your growth comes from scaring yourself, challenging yourself, taking those risks. And not caring about what other people think.”    – Rita Wilson

Working women are, in every way, happier, healthier with better mental and physical health than stay-at-home mothers.   -  Leslie Bennetts, contributing editor to Vanity Fair

I think it’s really important for people to kind of look at where they are and understand that you can anything with your life, at any moment, if you really, really want to.   – Rita Wilson

This show is the empowerment that every woman needs. It is the Oprah of the new age, with uplifting messages and feminism. You can catch The Conversation every Thursday night on the Lifetime network.

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