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Traveling Artists Roadshow Garage Sale Prt II

Traveling Artists Roadshow Garage Sale Prt II

breathingmoment braceletsSaturday was the Traveling Artists Roadshow “garage sale.” Six members of the Traveling Artists Roadshow (TAR), including myself, gathered to get rid of some extra supplies and old inventory at discount prices.

The TAR group organizes and promotes “pop up” art shows throughout Michigan. We have a wide range of artwork including jewelry, mixed media, fabrics and more. Because most art shows in the area can cost a few hundred dollars, this group of crafty individuals decided to start an innovative group designed to create affordable shows. The group averages a show each month. Currently, shows are hosted at households of our members, but we are looking to branch out and host shows at churches, schools and other locations.

In the past, I made bead work jewelry. However, I recently decided to design my breathingmoment line around antique-inspired pieces. Since embracing my bronze-style jewelry line, the bead work pieces have been neglected and forgotten. I was excited to have this opportunity to find them good homes and make a bit of cash to fund future shows for my new line. Because I don’t have too much inventory for my new line yet, I haven’t been able to do a show yet. So, this was my first show and I would definitely consider it a success! It was hard letting go of some of my favorite pieces, but I am so pleased that they found good homes.

The trees at TARS member Kathy’s home provided much-needed shade throughout the hot day and we enjoyed hanging out together. We were pleased to see so many

I worked on some jewelry pieces for myself during the garage sale.

smiling customers. And I was excited to see some friends that I don’t get to see that often. Thank you to everyone that came out to support TARS. And don’t forget – the next show will be September 8 in Royal Oak!

Thank you Felicia Kramer for allowing me to use her pictures in this blog.

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