Traveling Artists Roadshow Garage Sale

Traveling Artists Roadshow itemWhen I was a child, my jewelry making was supported by Rose Art bead sets that my parents bought on sale and 25 cent thread. It was enough to give me the realization that I loved arts and crafts. As I grew older, much of my lunch money was spent on craft supplies. And when I discovered eBay, I drained my small bank account for countless charms and beads.

Each section of my life has been represented with a new style of jewelry creation. The youngest years were seed beads on a string and thick thread turned in to friendship bracelets. Then came the hemp with plastic and letter beads. My early college years were engulfed with simple chainmail Traveling Artists Roadshowand various bead work pieces. And somehow, as I moved in to my mid 20s, I fell in love with the styles of vintage, steampunk and natural jewelry. My jewelry will continue to transition as the years progress, and each style teaches me new techniques and tricks.

As I embrace my new line of bronze jewelry, I have decided to clear our my bead work at discount prices. This Saturday, I will be at the Traveling Artists Roadshow ‘Garage Sale’ in Ferndale. This cash only show will feature local artists selling old, damaged or discounted pieces as well as supplies. This is my first show, so come out and say hello!  486 Withington, Ferndale, 10a.m. – 5p.m.

Traveling Artists Roadshow

My art show display is almost ready for Saturday!

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